Full Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5k,& Fun Run
On the scenic Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail with a 3/4 mile long tunnel
(This is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon)
Sunday November 2nd 2014
Our route follows the Elroy-Sparta bike trail. The starting point is the Norwalk Village Park.  
It runs up the bike trail, and through the tunnel, you will clearly see the turn around point,
and then back the same way you came. Along the way there will be several "colorful" aid
stations to help you along. Flashlights are furnished for when you go through the tunnel,
cap lights are also for sale in the park. Just to clarify that even tho you will be on the
Elroy-Sparta trail you will not be running from Elroy WI to Sparta WI. Just the portion from
the starting point, to the turn around, and back. Our route is also walker friendly, so don't
forget to tell your family and friends!  

TRAIL SURFACE INFO: The level grade and limestone surface make this trail perfect for
runners, the bridges are covered with planks and guarded with railings.
The Norwalk tunnel is three centuries old and ¾ mile long.   

Here is a map of the bike trail, to give you an idea of the route.

MARATHON ___$60 until Aug. 14th, $75 until Sept. 14th,
$90 until race day.
HALF           ___$45 until Aug. 14th, $60 until Sept. 14th,
$75 until race day.
5K               ___$22 until Aug. 14th, $25 until Sept 14th,
$30 until race day.                          
FUN RUN     ___$15  

The Rails to Trails Marathon is just as well
know for our amazing volunteers as we are
for our scenic trail!

If you have a club, team, organization, or just a
crazy group of friends, that would like to volunteer
at an aid  station, please let us know.
This is also a great opportunity for the family of the
runners to cheer for your runner and support the
marathon! The more colorful the aid station the      
better, and with the race being right after
Halloween, we are excited to see what you come
up with! You will be handing out water and
gatorade to the runners, if anyone needs any
medical attention, just let us know via walkie
talkie. You must not interfere with the runners.
Your participation gives you a ticket to the chicken
q, free beer and the party at the park (we will
have music and a DJ)  Message us on here to
sign up or for more info.
Tunnel pictures taken by Jeanine Brieske